Prada 2012 Fall/Winter line

Prada has just unveiled photos and video of actors Willem Dafoe, Gary Oldman, Garrett Hedlund, Jamie Bell and Adrien Brody wearing their vintage/steampunk influenced fall/winter line. I think Gary Oldman just looks soooo dapper here! Lovely to see such nice lines back in mens clothing.

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adrian brody emile hirsch prada runway models 01

      adrian brody emile hirsch prada runway models 04

1930s Men’s fashion snap shots: 1

Everyday men of the 1930s. Such wonderful shots of men relaxing, going about their everyday business and hanging out with friends. Even the casual clothing of the day never looks just ‘thrown together’. The various pieces of each ensemble always appear to be chosen with care. I LOVE the third pic from the top.  Those chaps look like they are having a ball! Thanks to The Sartorialist for the last 4 pics.

Photo: Tin Trunk

Men’s Accessories on Etsy

Here are some great accessories I have found! You can find any of these stores on Etsy.

Tux & Tulle- Custom & Awesome

Cotton and Fun!
Liberty of London Bow Ties
Grey Scale Ties
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BeauxRegard – Handmade from Vintage Fabrics

Striped Bow Tie
Bold Silk Bow Tie
Plaid Silk Bow Tie

CustomFalaviaDesigns- OTIS Bow Ties

Grey Ultra Suede Bow Tie
Triple Bow Tie effect

Comic Firefly – Steampunk Style

Gun Cuff Links
Victorian Zombie Cuff Links
Cigarette Case

JoannaBizu – Classy

Fabric Covered Cuff Links

Mental Embellisher -Vintage & Steampunk

Type Writer Cufflinks
Type Writer Cufflinks “Play & Act”

EstateChicago- Classy

Swank Vintage Cufflinks

Emmetswyfe- Vintage

Vintage Handkerchiefs

John Galliano Spring 2011 Menswear

John Galliano chooses theme after theme for his menswear collections that I love love love! Fall 2006 was aviation, Spring 2006 had New Orleans and jazzmen, and now for Spring 2011 it was epic show themed on silent movie stars like Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd. Look at this!

Watch the full show, it’s a fabulous spectacle: