It’s getting cold!

Last weekend I was in Budapest Hungary for Lindy Shock, and just arrived in Stockholm Sweden for the Halloween Swing Camp, and I gotta say, it’s starting to get cold in Europe! Here in Sweden it’s also pretty dark – it amazes me every time! It’s 4pm and dark as night, and it’s only early November. Just thinking about Swedish mid-winter makes me shiver, so here are some wonderful winter coat illustrations from the 1930s to warm you up:

1930s coats

1930s Coats

1930s trench coat

Anthropologie Cardigans

910272_060_b 910291_069_b

913552_041_b 913729_004_b

913801_095_b 913848_001_b

More Anthropologie torture. This time cute cardigans (or cardies as we say in Australia). Not much use to me down here in sunny Argentina right now, but I will be back in the Northern Hemisphere in January, hmmm….

Anyway, these would all look cute paired with jeans and pearls, or a pencil skirt and ballet flats, or even pedal pushers if you’ve got the guts.