Be a good friend, care for her seam line

Back in the day, whenever you would wear tights or stockings with seam lines, girls used to help each other  to make sure their seams were straight. So I messed around with the idea and created an image for my theme of the day:


My friend Elsa sent me a link where you can buy amazing tights:

I also found out another great website….. but that I’ll keep for later, hehehe

I want to keep you on your toes. Here is some pictures of what you can find.


Luisa Beccaria Spring 2010: Top Picks

Luisa Beccaria Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear Luisa Beccaria Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Luisa Beccaria Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear Luisa Beccaria Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

For the most part, the majority of the pieces in the collection were fairly shapeless, which is a turnoff for me, but these four looks combined the Luisa Beccaria signature wallpaper florals and pretty pastels, with a feminine 1940s-50s shape, so I might imagine wearing them.

Top Picks: Anna Sui Spring 2008 RTW

A brief flashback to Anna Sui’s Spring 2008 ready-to-wear collection, since it was such a great moment. A 1940s silhouette with cinched waists and boxy shoulders, brought to short flirty skirts and dresses, pinafores and playsuits in bright colors and bold prints. And I love the strappy platform heels, worn with brightly colored socks – cute!

I normally hate it when designers sent cute retro designs down the runway, paired with mismatching hairstyles and makeup, but in this case the punky ‘dos were adorable and played up the fun attitude of the collection. Bobby soxers meet Harajuku girls…


Katie Anderson (LA)

Katie Anderson's Shoes & Stockings Katie Anderson's Shoes & Stockings Front

Katie Anderson (USA) busted out these studded Top Shop shoes with those gorgeous floral patterned stockings, in Como Italy on the weekend for Swing Crash Festival 2009. Everyone was asking, “Are those tattoos?”  Incidentally, when not globetrotting with Minn Vo as a Lindy Hop instructor, Katie is a shoe designer in LA.

Katie also showed up in some pretty gorgeous head gear over the weekend, including this giant black satin bow mounted on an alice band (Forever 21), which she had pinned down to look like a vintage hat, and a red velvet rose set against her platinum blonde hair. Fantastico!

Katie Anderson Black Hat Katie Anderson Red Rose