Modcloth: So many shoes, so little time…

Well, I’m in Argentina right now, so Modcloth shopping is out of the question. Boooo. But you should all go buy some delicious shoes over at, so that I can live vicariously through you 😉 Send me photos! Here’s a danceable selection….

Seychelles Shoes at

I wore a pair of Seychelles “In With The New” pumps last weekend at Goodnight Sweetheart in the UK, that I bought at and I adore them! I’ve only danced a little in them (I was just strutting around in them while I was judging the contest), but Lady of Balboa, Kate Hedin told me she has the same pair, and does dance in them. I’ve since found out you can get them cheaper on (which you might have heard me rant about before – I love Endless because it’s free shipping in the US, and free return shipping if they don’t fit). I own a few pairs of Seychelles heels now (I bought the gold and black “Lauren” pumps a few months ago). They do glamorous pumps and Mary Janes with a vintage edge, but modern appeal. Here’s a selection on


Top Picks: Plasticland Shoes

A Quebecois buddy of mine, Alisha Ruiss, just tortured me with two emails in quick succession, with links to online stores where I want to buy EVERYTHING!! Oh no, Alisha, how could you do this to me? The first was Plasticland, an old favourite of mine, but I haven’t visited for a while, and was rather unaware of the current shoe collection. Swoon! Here are my top picks, and they’re all available right now, in the range of US$54 – $72. These shoes are a steal. They stock a few Stop Staring dresses as well, and they have some cute pencil skirts…

Book: Fashion (The Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute)

This is a book I bought myself for Christmas. It covers fashion history from the 18th century to the 20th century, with glossy photographs of the collection held by the Kyoto Costume Institute in Japan. The book has been out for a while, but oh my, if you don’t own it yet, go out and buy it immediately! So much inspiration for any swing fashionista, the kind of clothes that are so beautiful it makes my chest ache. The Poiret, the Schiaparelli, the Chanel, oh god the Vionnet! The Vionnet, people! Now I want desperately to visit the Kyoto Costume Institute. A holiday to Japan anyone?

Seriously folks, this book is sheer fashion heaven. It is definitely now one of the favourites in my collection. You can buy it here on Amazon. Enjoy!